Are you born to build?

Are you Born to Build? Learn the Trades!

NWCOC provides high school students a broad learning experience of the construction trades – over 9 skilled crafts! And we haven’t even mentioned our technical, supervisory, and management level educational opportunities!

Do you want an introduction to welding, carpentry, masonry, concrete finishing, heavy equipment operation? No problem. How about sheet metal and HVAC or tile setting? We’ve got it covered.

NWCOC can provide students the learning experience they need to make an informed decision about their future and career. In the process, they will learn key academic knowledge (construction math, communication skills) as well as fundamental employability skills.

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Welcome to the Vast World of Construction.

Look around. You come into contact with construction every single day – your home, school, parks, shopping centers, bridges and roadways, dams, power and energy – it’s an integral part of your world.

Construction is one of the nation’s largest industries! It employs more than 7.7 million people! It lets you travel, work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and earn good money.

Find your passion. A career in construction is not just another job; it’s a promise for an exciting, challenging and rewarding future – one that you build! There are lots of different careers to choose from in the industry.

What do you want to build?

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